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  • ACU-PHARMA-und-CHEMIE_3_Banner_2_Plant-technology_production-plants_quality-assurance.jpgis focused on quality assurance
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  • ACU-PHARMA-und-CHEMIE_3_Banner_6_Pulverizing-Mill.jpgthrough excellent plant equipment and quality
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Pulverizing Mills, Manufacturing Plants

With its pioneering plant technology ACU provides the ideal solution for various tasks.
We are able to find solutions from product development to product maturity and the continuous production with our excellent plant equipment and selection.

We usually coordinate the in-process controls/ quality controls with our customers and take the utmost account of your individual wishes and requirements.

In particular, we set greatest value upon cleanliness and reliability: When changing product, the equipment/ plants are always dismantled and cleaned as far as possible. This way we make a maximum contribution to product safety in order to prevent cross-contaminations as far as possible. With every product change we are changing the filters as well and that is the reason why shortfalls can be significantly reduced.

The finished product is either filled into big bags directly after the production/ working process or filled into the desired final packaging through the filling station. We can handle all usual types of packaging such as valve bags, open mouth bags (sewing, welding), cartons and barrels.

Our manufacturing plants and pulverizing mills are made of stainless steel.

  • Fluidised Bed Opposed Jet Mills
  • Jet Mills
  • Classifier Mills
  • Pin Mill
  • Turbo Mills
  • Hammer Mills
  • Graters/ Shredders
  • Mixers, Ploughshare® Mixer, Batch Mixer
  • Screening Machines
The perfect ACU plant is waiting for you with our expertise.

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