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Jet Mills, Fluidised Bed Opposed Jet Mills

(100 AFG, 200 AFG, 400 AFG)

The Fluidised Bed Opposed Jet Mills are Jet Mills for manufacturing powders with a steep particle size distribution and sharp top size limitation in the range of 1 µm to 120 µm (microns). The grinding is performed by using specially prepared and purified compressed air or inert gas. As a special service we also offer the inert micronization in encapsulated form. The plants are suitable for pressure-shock resistant milling up to 10 bar (overpressure).

Jet mills for abrasion-free and contamination-free grinding

With our Fluidized Bed Opposed Jet Mills we can realize abrasion-free and contamination-free micronization.

At ACU all product contacted parts are made of rust resistant and acid resistant stainless steel.



The milling on the AFGs is characterized by the following features

  • With Fluidised Bed Opposed Jet Mills grit-free final products with steep particle size distribution can be produced.

  • The integrated Turboplex Classifier allows extreme selectivity.

  • Grinding finenesses between d97 = 2 µm up to 120 µm (microns) can be produced.

  • ACU usually processes products up to Mohs’ hardness 7, which needs to be proven in each individual case.

  • The 200 AFG and 400 AFG are suitable for the milling of dust-explosive materials (St 0-2).

  • Upon special request a silicone-free micronization (400 AFG) is feasible.

  • Only air but no material is directed through the grinding nozzles. Along with the size reduction in the fluidized bed this significantly leads to a wear-free grinding.

  • In addition monobloc ceramic classifying wheels (400 AFG) reduce wear when processing abrasive products.

  • The ACU Jet Mills are particularly well suited for grinding temperature-sensitive products. A heating of the product is safely ruled out. This is a fundamental difference of the Jet Mills compared to conventional mechanical grinders with increase of temperature.

  • The major production plants at ACU are explosion-pressure-shock resistant to 10 bar (overpressure) with type test certificate as defined in 94/9/EC.

  • The 200 AFG is manufactured in pharmaceutical design.

  • The AFGs are easy and reliable to clean and thus offer a high product quality.


Benefits and features that arise from inertisation

  • ACU can grind temperature-sensitive products additionally under inert gas.

  • Inerting benefits a product-gentle grinding.

  • A high bio-availability of food additives is favoured, inter alia, by inerting during fine grinding.

Application areas

The following product groups can be milled on our AFGs:

  • Ideal suitability for calcium citrate
  • Nutritional supplements
  • Food additives
  • Heat-sensitive materials, such as varnishes, resins, waxes, teflon powder, ion exchangers (Amberlite), etc.
  • High-purity substances which have to be milled contamination-free, e.g. silica gels, citrates, carbonates, chlorides, etc.
  • Mineral resources such as kaolin, talcum, etc.

ACU is your partner from product development to product maturity and continuous production

In our capacity as a laboratory and development center we help to realize the development of your new product, taking into account your wishes and requirements. We can manufacture small trial product samples for testing purposes and development trials as well as products to their final product maturity. We offer the possibility of a reproducibility of the processes and the ability to scale-up to a production plant used for the continuous production.

ACU is an efficient service provider who supports you from the development of a new product to the product maturity and the final market introduction, and after that we manufacture the marketable product on a permanent basis.

In the processing of explosive products the laboratory plant is rendered inert with nitrogen.


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