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Grater/ Shredder R 300 N

The requirements in regard to maximum or defined particle fineness for intermediates or final products increase every day.

The Grater/ Shredder is an upstream plant for preliminary crushing of materials operated before fine milling. The Grater/ Shredder is used for grating, shredding up, loosening, grinding, granulating and homogenizing of solid and dry materials, in batch operation or in continuous operation.

With various grating and shredding cylinders ACU can handle versatile tasks.


  • The Grater/ Shredder R 300 N is made of stainless steel.
  • Grating and shredding cylinders are available in various hole sizes.

Principle of operation

The substance to be processed is fed into the vertically arranged grating or shredding cylinder from the top. Inside the cylinder, a carrier wing rotates to press the material against the inside of the cylinder. The cylinders are available in different perforations. The various hole sizes define the geometry and particle size.
The processed material is passed through the holes, the moving cylinder grinds the material.

Application areas

The following product groups can be milled, inter alia, on our Grater/ Shredder:

  • Food industry
  • Chemical industry
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