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Ploughshare® Mixer (LÖDIGE FKM 4200 D)

In the mixing technology for solids the mixing and homogenizing in batch operation plays an important role. According to relevant experience approx. 70 % of the mixing processes are operated discontinuously.

Principle of operation

With our Ploughshare® Mixer in a horizontal design materials are mixed by the Ploughshare® Shovel as a mixing element according to the mixing technology of the hurling and whirling principle. That means the mixer is a horizontal mixing system with a horizontal, cylindrical drum and a horizontally installed mixing elements shaft. The Ploughshare® Shovels are arranged as mixing elements in a defined configuration on this double-sided bearing and sealed, single-sided driven shaft.
Image: © Lödige
The resultant turbulence in the mix, whereby all of the product is constantly involved in the mixing process, prevents the formation of deadspots or low-movement zones in the mixing drum and ensures high speed, precision mixing. To prevent particles from being squashed against the drum wall, the mixing elements are specially shaped to lift product from the wall within the radial movement of the mix.

For special requirements, the system can be additionally equipped with separately driven, high-speed choppers. They disperse agglomerations and control granulation during the mixing process in coordination with the mixing elements.
Image: © Lödige

The mixer has some equipment for liquid supply available. Mixing of bulk materials and the addition of liquid components, as well as oils, is possible.


  • Chopper units: The mixer consists of four shredders
  • Equipment for liquid supply: The mixer has two nozzles for adding liquid components or for coating with oil
  • We reach highest quality mixes on the mixing plant
  • Reproducibility of the batches
  • Gentle treatment of the product
  • Easy accessibility to all inside parts of the mixer

Application areas

  • Processing of bulk materials (powdery, granular, fibrous)
  • Addition of liquids to dry solid materials (moistening, coating with oil)
  • Addition of anti-caking agent

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