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Turbo Mill PP 4


The Turbo Mill PP4 is suitable for pulverizing, granulating, fiberizing, dry-grinding and mixing of solids.
The PP4 can also be operated as cryogenic grinding system.


  • The PP4 can be operated as a cryogenic grinding system using liquid nitrogen and gaseous nitrogen.
  • The cast housing and the impeller of the PP4 are made of stainless steel.
  • Diameter of the grinding chamber: 400 mm

Application areas

Soft to medium-hard, brittle, tough, elastic, smearing, hygroscopic, heat-sensitive, fatty and oily materials can be milled on a Turbo Mill.

The following product groups can be grinded, inter alia, on the Turbo Mills:

  • Dye stuffs and pigments
  • Salts and phosphates
  • Oil and fat containing products
  • Cocoa and Coffee
  • Plastics and elastomers
  • Resins

Principle of operation

The grinding process of the Turbo Mill PP4 is characterized by special methods:

The product is centrally collected by the inlet in the grinding chamber of a rapidly rotating spinner and spun at high speed against a plate-like cone. The cone rotates in opposite directions.

The comminution takes place by impact and by the friction of the individual particles from each other and through highly effective air vortex. The grinding action does not depend on cutting or grating of the grinding elements. This is a substantial advantage in comparison to other pulverizers.

Brittle and hard materials are pulverized by pure impact action, fibrous materials are fiberized, and tough, elastic materials are fine granulated.

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