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  • ACU-PHARMA-und-CHEMIE_2_Banner_1_Milling_Fine-Grinding_Toll-Grinding.jpgshow great effect only in powder form
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  • ACU-PHARMA-und-CHEMIE_2_Banner_3_Pulverizing-Mills.jpgto the realization of bulk orders – we are your partner!
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  • ACU-PHARMA-und-CHEMIE_2_Banner_5_Micronizing_Ultra-fine-milling_Contract-Micronization.jpg– in accordance to your special requirements
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A lot of products... 1 Laboratory tests and bench scale tests2 From pilot projects… 3 We add value through micronization4 Finest micronization 5 Our core competence is ultra-fine milling6
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Our Contract Manufacturing processes

ACU offers a variety of Contract Manufacturing processes and an all-round service for your outsourcing decision.

Our range of services includes the following Contract Manufacturing processes: * These processes can be optionally operated under inert gas (nitrogen).

In our facilities we can offer multi-stage combined processes, such as:
  • Preliminary crushing – Mixing – Milling – Packaging
  • Milling – Sieving – Packaging
  • Mixing – Milling – Coating with oil – Packaging
  • Preliminary crushing – Mixing – Milling – Coating with oil – Packaging

Our core competence is ultra-fine milling up to 2 µm.

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