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Quality assurance, analysis techniques

We offer the following analyses:

Sieve analyses, dry (Air Jet Sieve LS 200; W.S. TYLER® Ro-Tap® RX-29)
The sieve analyses are carried out with certified stainless steel sieves. 
For sieve analyses we have, inter alia, an ALPINE Air Jet Sieve 200 LS with sieves of different mesh sizes available. Depending on the product characteristics vibration screens or Air Jet Sieves are used.
The air jet sieve 200 LS is particularly suitable for determining the particle size distribution of powdery materials in the range of 25 µm to 2000 µm. Samples amount 10 to 100 grams, depending on the screen mesh size and the material density.
Furthermore, we have the Sieve Shaker W.S. TYLER® Ro-Tap® RX-29 for test sieves up to 203 mm diameter available. It reproduces the circular and tapping motion of hand sieving with an even mechanical action.

Particle size analyses with laser diffraction (Sympatec Helos BF, 0,1 to 875 µm)
The laser diffraction system consists of a RODOS dispersion unit, linked with a Helos BF spectrometer.
Measuring ranges: lens R1, range 0,1 to 35 µm, lens R3, range 0,9 µm to 175 µm or lens R5, range 4,5 µm to 875 µm.
During a laser diffraction analysis, which is the standard analysis for in-process control, the diffraction spectrum of a laser beam is measured at a particle collective. The equivalent diameter of spherical particles which produce the same diffraction pattern can be calculated from the intensity distribution.


  • Very fast measurement
  • Wide measuring range from 0,1 to 875 µm


  • The sample material should not be transparent.

Density determination (bulk density, tapped density)
The analyses are carried out according to the appropriate DIN standards.
Bulk density according to ISO 967
Tapped density according to ISO 3953:1993 or ISO 787-11:1995

HPLC analyses (Jasco HPLC UV/VIs)
HPLC, also called high performance liquid chromatography, is a technique in analytic chemistry used not only to separate the components in a mixture, but also to identify and to quantify each component.
We carry out HPLC analyses with UV/VIS detection (normal phases and reversed phases).

Wet chemistry tests
Upon customers’ request additional analyses can be carried out, such as wet chemical determinations like titrations, incinerations or determinations of the content. This can take place in coordination with the analytical specifications of our customers.

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