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Micronization and Ultra-fine milling up to 2 µm

Micronization, Ultra-fine milling is a process to significantly reduce particles by milling. The micronized powders thus produced are used in many industrial fields. Thus the usual particle sizes from 100 µm to 1.000 µm are being reduced to a range of 2 µm to 200 µm.

For certain applications a narrow particle size distribution is required, which can be achieved by micronization on our plants.

Advantages of particle size reduction

  • Certain particle size distributions and particle shapes can be achieved
  • Enlargement of the specific surface which is an important factor for many interactions with the environment (e.g. diffusion processes, dispersion properties)
  • Physical and chemical substance changes
  • Improvement of dispersion behaviour in suspensions
  • Improvement of sensor technology
  • Improvement of texture
  • Improvement of viscosity, for example of creams, gels and lotions
  • Better, controlled dissolution behaviour
  • Potential increase in bio-availability
  • Avoiding the perception on the skin (particle sizes below 70 µm are intended)
  • Better mouthfeel (particle sizes below 40 microns are intended)

Air Jet Mills, in our case, special Fluidised Bed Opposed Jet Mills ensure optimum micronization. In this case, the ground material is accelerated by using cleaned compressed air so the high speed particles collide. The micronization takes place without grinding tool. The advantage is that no foreign particles are introduced into the process. Moreover, the desired particle size range can be adjusted very precisely.

Contamination-free and precise micronization with oil-free compressed-air

  • Compressor room at ACU
  • Compressor room at ACU
  • Compressor room at ACU
  • Compressor room at ACU
  • Compressor room at ACU
  • Compressor room at ACU

An oil-free generation of compressed air prevents contaminants in the milling process and thus be entered into the product. An important advantage of ACU is that the compressed air line network is made of stainless steel and thus creates the basis for a safe production.

The following facilities are available for micronization at ACU:

We offer a wide range of different types of plants and special grinding plants that can be used in circulated gas operation or cryogenic (grinding in an inert gas).

Fields of application

  • Food
  • Powdered instant drinks
  • Plastics
  • Additives
  • Pharmaceutical excipients

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