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High quality grinding and micronization has been ACU's business for over 25 years. As an expert in contract manufacturing, contract grinding and fine grinding, we stand at your side and work with you to develop the ideal process for the contract manufacturing of powder products. Rely on our expertise in a wide range of industries to optimize your end product thanks to high-quality grinding. It is our top priority to ensure the purity of the products and coordinate every step with you. We respond to your wishes and requirements and fulfil them with our high-quality, finely adjustable systems as well as with our quality concept designed to meet the highest purity standards.

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Grinding with high-quality plant technology

Depending on the product and industry, different demands are placed on the grinding of solids. These requirements can only be met by modern, high-quality, and well-maintained plants. Our customers benefit from a wide variety of plants and different plant sizes, so that implementations ranging from pilots to the production of large orders are possible. We stand by your side as a reliable partner throughout the entire process. We offer plant technology in the fields of micronizing, grinding and cold milling, as well as in mixing, filling, and packaging.

Fine grinding and micronization

Fine grinding and mirconization entail grinding down to the finest particle size and with the greatest possible. In the pharmaceutical sector in particular, the requirements are high - and ACU is able to meet them. We have been a contract micronizer in the pharmaceutical sector since 1999. In our ultra-fine grinding, we achieve a fineness of less than 100 μm. Thanks to our extensive plant technologies, we can use various grinding processes and thus optimally adapt to the product properties of the starting material. Micronization often has a positive impact on the properties of the starting material and, in the pharmaceutical sector, increases its solubility and bioavailability, for example. Our pharmaceutical customers particularly appreciate this in the case of excipients, minerals and vitamins.

Areas of application and experience

Our strength lies in our expertise in many industries and our specialization in life science and pharmaceuticals since the company was founded. We are also happy to support and supply customers in the cosmetics and chemical industries.

Are you looking for a new contract grinding partner for your company? Contact us and let us talk about your requirements. Upon request, we also like to support you in an advisory function.

Lithium Compounds

We also apply our expertise and high-quality standards to our own products. We mainly offer our customers refinements of lithium compounds, including lithium carbonate. But our portfolio also includes other lithium derivatives such as lithium hydroxide monohydrate, lithium chloride anhydrous and lithium bromide anhydrous.

You can find more information on our products in the own products section.

ACU – Your Expert for High Quality Micronization

What we offer

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Quality Management, quality assurance and ongoing controls in close coordination with our customers are indispensable components of our work.

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Plant technology

We provide the ideal solution for various tasks with our pioneering plant technology - from product development to product market readiness.

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How we manage
your project

In close collaboration with you we will develop the specific solution for your production process.

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Lithium carbonate

We produce various particle sizes and our market experience provides the basis for the high-quality standard - Made in Germany.

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