Filling and Packing HACCP

In connection with our micronization and mixing service we also do offer the subsequent filling and packing process. This process runs under the ACU usual high-quality HACCP conditions and is equally suitable as a pure HACCP repacking process e.g. for your delicate food products. Also here we provide state-of-the-art plant technology and a professional quality management. The filling and packing equipment is suitable naturally for the Food, Pharma and Cosmetics Industry.

We can pack, repack and label solid materials and powders in all sorts of containers for you. All well-established forms of packing can be handled in our site: Valve bags, open bags, cartons and drums of various sizes. We provide for you also numerous sealing processes, e.g. welding, sewing, gluing etc. Moreover, we are at your disposition for any adaptation to your specific needs!

Features of our filling and packing plants:

  • All product contacted parts are made of stainless steel or FDA conform materials, e.g. dosing organ or sealings
  • Every single packaging is automatically tare weighted before filling
  • Filling and packing machines are program controlled and adjusted product specific
  • The plant can be run under air or inert gas (nitrogen) equally

Filling and Packing Chemical products

Additionally to the HACCP fill and pack line we provide a separated production line for chemical-technical products. Also here filling and packing follows usually the contract micronization process. Highest quality standards and the consequent avoidance of any risks of cross contaminations are applied, of course.

We offer you the handling of a broad variety of different pack types and sizes, e.g. cartons, valve bags, open bags and many sealings techniques, e.g. welding, sewing, glueing etc.