Micronization of different materials, solid materials and foodstuffs is one of the most demanding fields in contract grinding. As an expert in this field, ACU Pharma has been your partner in contract manufacturing for life science since 2002. Our pioneering plant technology fulfils the Critical Control Point concept (HACCP concept), as well as our own high standards and aims for the best and most optimized production. We work closely with our clients to assure the highest possible product quality and a satisfying business experience for both parties.

Grinding and Micronizing at ACU

At ACU, we look back on many years of experience in grinding, which enables us to advise our customers in the best possible way, having perfected our certified plant technology and designed it to be versatile, thus serving a wide range of requirements. Every production process is carried out in close consultation with our customers, because only they know what they want from a raw material after it has been milled.

We offer different types of mills that allow a wide range of particle sizes and up to 5 μm of fineness.

We are certified according to:

  • ISO 22000:2018
  • ISO 9001:2015 (IQNet)
  • Bio-certificate (EG) No. 834/2007
  • Halal-certified site

We support you with pilot projects, R&D and temporary or permanent outsourcing with our production services. Let us be your partner with maximum performance for finest grinding.

Micronizing and its fields

We define micronization as fine milling of materials with a particle size of < 100 μm. Based on the properties of the raw material, we choose the optimal plant technology for pulverization. Micronizing of materials comes with different advantages depending on its predetermined application area.

  • The major advantages of micronizing raw materials are improved processes and solubility. Pulverization and micronization of raw materials are common in various fields, including food, feed and pharmacy. We are specialized in these fields and are experienced in finding the optimized solution for every product due to our expertise and the close cooperation with our clients.
  • Solids are micronized primarily using jet mills. With our high-quality in-house plant technology, we offer our customers various options for micronizing the solids and are also happy to provide professional and qualified advice.
  • Micronization has a special standing in the food industry because the altered characteristics caused by pulverization are quite extensive. Prominent examples are the improvement of mouth feel, increased bioavailability and better solubility. Examples of products, where milling and pulverization is the standard are food additives, sweeteners, spices, vitamins, flavors and citrates and salts.
  • However, the requirements are particularly high in the food sector. Therefore it is inevitable to have a reliable service provider for contract grinding at your side. We meet all criteria and score points, for example, with the highest hygiene and safety standards through separate filling lines, separate material locks and separate personnel locks. For our Muslim customers, our company is also Halal-certified.
  • The micronization of excipients improves the bioavailabilty, viscosity and solubility of the ingredients. Faster chemical reaction due to larger reaction surfaces is another important argument for excipient micronization.

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