Since 1995 ACU is contract manufacturing in the field of specialty chemicals. For this demanding sector we are a competent and efficient partner pursuing a unique quality concept with consistently high production and quality standards. Our production solutions are always tailor made to your individual needs.

A variety of benefits can be obtained in specialty chemicals through micronization of powder raw materials!

  • Micronized substances are often more effective and useful for your final applications.
  • Among others, advantages are often found in:
    - Improvement of dispersion behavior in suspensions
    - Faster chemical reactions due to larger reaction surfaces
    - Improvement of texture
    - Improvement of viscosity
    - Better solubility
  • Application areas for micronized powders in specialty chemicals are numerous, e.g.
    - Waxes
    - Specialty chemicals
    - Plastics (automotive industry)
    - Construction chemicals
    - Catalysts
    - Dyes

Due to an attractive variety of mill types and mill sizes we realize different particle size distributions up to 5 ┬Ám.
Different campaign sizes can be realized according to your needs. Besides following your temporary or constant outsourcing wishes of regular production, we also support you in your R&D initiatives or bench scale tests.

Let us be your trusted partner with our maximum expertise in micronization!