Additives and excipients play a vital role in pharmaceutical products. The demands placed on these additives and excipients are understandably high and production is subject to strict regulations in contract manufacturing.

ACU meets high HACCP standards with its extensive plant technology. The plants are made of hygienic stainless steel and all milling and filling lines are strictly separated from each other. Personnel locks are strictly separated as well, assuring the best security possible for the production of pharma excipients.

Our plant technology and ACU as a company meet all standards and requirements to make us a reliable partner and contract manufacturer for you in the pharmaceutical sector. You can check out our pharma-relevant certifications here.

Micronization in pharmaceutical products as a quality booster

Micronization, i.e., fine grinding of substances, is of great importance in the pharmaceutical sector. Pharmaceutical excipients and additives change their properties through professional micronization and thus contribute significantly to quality. Micronized substances are often much more efficient and interesting for your specific applications due to, for example, their faster chemical reaction as a result of their increased reaction surface. In many cases, the bioavailability is also increased, which is particularly important in the field of pharmaceutical food supplements. Micronization enables the body to better absorb the various substances and minerals. Furthermore, micronized substances have an improved viscosity and dissolution behavior. We define micronization as a very fine grinding of substances with a fineness of less than 100 μm. Different milling technologies are used considering the product properties of the starting material.

Pharma excipients and the role of contract manufacturers

Excipients are additives that improve pharmaceutical products, for example in their stability and reducibility, but do not enter into any chemical reaction or effect-changing compounds with the medically active ingredient. The purity and reliability of pharmaceutical excipients correlates closely with the quality and usability of the pharmaceutical product.

It is therefore the responsibility of contract manufacturers in the pharmaceutical sector to ensure these properties of excipients throughout the entire contract milling process by applying high quality and safety standards. The precise selection of grinding equipment for micronization, processing and filling is just one of the many steps that ACU, as a contract manufacturer in the pharmaceutical sector, handles for you.

ACU Pharma can look back on decades of experience and many satisfied customers in the pharmaceutical sector. Time and again, we find individual solutions for our customers that are optimally tailored to the product to be processed, contributing our share to a high-quality, best possible product.

The advantages of contract manufacturer ACU Pharma at a glance:

  • ACU Pharma has all the necessary certifications.
  • Quality and safety are guaranteed at all times by HACCP standards.
  • Our expertise enables us to provide you with advice.
  • All processes, even filling and packaging, are handled by us.

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