We do not want to leave anything to chance.

Quality Management, quality assurance and ongoing controls in close coordination with our customers are indispensable components of our work.

Depending on our clients’ order-related demands we also develop individual quality assurance systems.

We offer different methods to determine particle sizes.

  • Sieving analyses
  • Particle size analysis with laser diffraction (Sympatec Helos BF, 0,1 to 875 μm)

In cooperation with our customers we can customize analytical needs.

  • Density determination (bulk density, tapped density)
  • HPLC analyses (Jasco HPLC UV/ VIS): We carry out HPLC analyses with UV/ VIS detection(normal phases and reversed phases).
  • Titrations and incinerations

We are certified according to

In addition we meet standards such as GMP and kosher.