Lithium hydroxide monohydrate

SynonymsLithium hydroxide-1-hydrate, caustic lithium ion, lithium oxide hydrate
Sum formulaLiOH
CAS No.1310-66-3
QualityDry Grade, Wet Grade and Oil Grade

The use of lithium hydroxide in greases and high performance lubricants makes this lithium compound an important raw material. We offer lithium hydroxide monohydrate as a standard Dry Grade, but also as a Wet Grade to minimize dust formation during use. In addition, we supply an Oil Grade in which paraffin oil is added to lithium hydroxide to positively influence the product property in our customers' manufacturing process.

The increasingly important use of the light metal in batteries and accumulators makes a consistent supply all the more important. Through the long-standing, cooperative relationships with our suppliers, we offer you the necessary security of supply.