Principles of our company policy

The basis of our target-oriented thinking and action is

  • to offer optimal performance of the highest quality to our customers
  • to convince of our strengths: Commitment, speed, flexibility, personal engagement of our employees (no work-to-rule)
  • to be successful in cooperation with our clients and to find individual solutions for their new challenges
  • to further develop the high quality standard and our services and to achieve a greater effectiveness and efficiency of the company operations through our continuous improvement process
  • to convince of excellent plant equipment and quality
  • to guarantee the highest possible product and food safety for our customers through continuous controls in the field of cleaning and hygiene
  • to ensure and improve the work and health protection for our employees, to protect the environment surrounding us and to reduce environmental pollution, to meet the legal requirements, to minimize risks and mistakes and to avoid them if possible, and also to encourage the confidence of employees and clients in an open dialogue
  • to support the successful orientation of the company through open communication
  • to strive for the best possible communication with our company organization and with our company processes, both within our company and with all external interested parties
  • to receive ideas for improving our services and procedures and to permit them for safeguarding the future this way
  • to maintain the competencies together with our employees that are necessary for a high-quality fulfillment of customer requirements and to continuously develop them through training and further education. This includes in particular the requirements relating to food safety
  • to give our employees the best opportunity for their development through training and further education
  • to form the basis through a profitable business unit, to face the future tasks of the company
  • to design our production processes in such a way that they reflect our comprehensive examination of the requirements of our customers. We respect the requirements of customers of Muslim and Jewish faith and ensure compliance with these through our work and the processes that are coordinated with it. The facility is also halal certified.
  • to produce Halal products that meet the demands and requirements of Muslim customers
  • The production lines used for HALAL products are used separately in terms of time and space for non-halal products.
  • The production lines used for HALAL products are cleaned according to a validated procedure each time the product is changed.
  • The production lines used for HALAL products are free of ritually impure products as defined by Islamic law.
  • For the food industry, we live an active food safety culture with the aim of producing reliable, pure and high-quality food ingredients at all stages.
  • Risk analyses are designed to reduce any identifiable risk to an absolute minimum.
  • Everyone knows the risks present in our process and understands how these risks are controlled and why this control is important, especially in the area of food safety.
  • Food fraud detection and prevention procedures are in place and are regularly reviewed and monitored for timeliness and implementation.
  • Food product protection: concepts and measures that protect food from intentional contamination and deliberate deterioration are in place.

Realisation of the company policy

In 2004 a Quality Management System was introduced at ACU. The Quality Management System documents and ensures the realization of our company policy, it is oriented towards the special procedures of our company and fulfils the requirements according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 and DIN EN ISO 22000:2018.